24 / Tokyo
Winter 14


Welcome to our Tokyo issue. This issue explores the value of embracing subjectivity and personal recordings of cities while exploring the biggest metropolitan area in the world. Guest edited by illustrator and editorial designer Luis Mendo, it builds upon his love for the city, the drawing event PauseDraw, and his continued exploration of the city through drawing. Through drawings by thirteen artists and words by another eight contributors, the issue ultimately reveals Tokyo’s built environment, its culture, its people, and some of the aspects that make it one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Contributions by Lee Basford, Andrew Browne, Anselm Dästner, Christian Dimmer, Masaki Endoh, fala, Ghosttthead, Hama-House, Adrian Hogan, Andrew Joyce, Shu Kuge, Grace Lee, Chip Lord, Luis Mendo, Joey Meuross, Craig Mod, neji_maki_dori, David Robert, Terry Satomi, Mariya Suzuki, and Tama-chan.

This issue is guest edited by illustrator and editorial designer Luis Mendo.

  1. Introduction
    Drawings, Storytelling, and Subjectivity. Issue statement by Iker Gil,editor in chief of MAS Context.
  2. Drawing Tokyo
    Short essay by Luis Mendo.
  3. And So You Come
    Essay by Craig Mod.
  4. Anselm Dästner
    Illustrations by Anselm Dästner.
  5. Andrew Joyce
    Illustrations by Andrew Joyce.
  6. Ghosttthead
    Illustrations by Ghosttthead.
  7. Andrew Browne
    Illustrations by Andrew Browne.
  8. David Robert
    Illustrations by David Robert.
  9. Terry Satomi
    Illustrations by Terry Satomi.
  10. Grace Lee
    Illustrations by Grace Lee.
  11. Hama-House
    Illustrations by Hama-House.
  12. Joey Meuross
    Illustrations by Joey Meuross.
  13. Shu Kuge
    Illustrations by Shu Kuge.
  14. Mariya Suzuki
    Illustrations by Mariya Suzuki.
  15. Luis Mendo
    Illustrations by Luis Mendo.
  16. Adrian Hogan
    Illustrations by Adrian Hogan.
  17. Place-making in Kōenji: (Re)Invented Spaces and Traditions
    Short essay by Christian Dimmer.
  18. Sheibu Ad Campaign
    Short essay by Chip Lord.
  19. I am a Japanese Urban Explorer (haikyo) Living in Tokyo
    Short essay by neji_maki_dori.
  20. The Future that Never Happened
    Short essay by fala (Filipe Magalhães and Ana Luisa Soares).
  21. Being Small, Living in Tokyo, and Being Unique
    Short essay by Masaki Endoh.
  22. A Work of Art
    Short essay by Tama-chan (Takayo Kiyota).
  23. Life Cycles: A Tokyo Bike Story
    Story and photography by Lee Basford.