23 / Ordinary
Fall 14


Welcome to our Ordinary issue. This issue seeks to explore the value of commonness and the everyday environment. It focuses on those elements that go unnoticed or that we take for granted, from buildings and objects to experiences and traditions. We look at the ordinary elements of life that are worth rediscovering and celebrating, as well as look ahead to what will become ordinary in the future.

Contributions by Jennifer Bonner, Alberto Campo Baeza, Deborah Fausch, Michael Hirschbichler, Linda Just, David Karle, Tom Keeley, Steven Montgomery, Norman Kelley, Michal Ojrzanowski, Ordinary Architecture, Antonio Petrov, Regina Pozo, Rojkind Arquitectos, Henry Shukman, Joshua G. Stein, and Zenovia Toloudi. Cover lettering by Nick Adam and cover photography by Ross Floyd.

  1. Introduction
    Revisiting the Ordinary. Issue statement by Iker Gil,editor in chief of MAS Context.
  2. Superordinary: On the Problematique of the Ordinary
    Essay by Antonio Petrov.
  3. Can Architecture Be Ordinary?
    Essay by Deborah Fausch.
  4. The Brain is Square
    Essay by Alberto Campo Baeza.
  5. There Is No There There
    Project by Michael Hirschbichler.
  6. There’s Nowt So Ordinary as Folk
    Short essay by Ordinary Architecture (Elly Ward and Charles Holland).
  7. Precise Response, Novel Future
    Text and photographs by Michal Ojrzanowski.
  8. The Veneer of Nostalgia: Dingbat Life in Slums of Beverly Hills
    Essay by Joshua G. Stein.
  9. Designing for Other Things to Happen
    Essay by Rojkind Arquitectos.
  10. Zen and the Ordinary
    Short essay by Henry Shukman.
  11. Commercial Strip Tease
    Essay by David Karle.
  12. Domestic Hats
    Installation by Jennifer Bonner.
  13. Glamour: Alleys as a Mechanism of the (extra) Ordinary
    Essay by Linda Just.
  14. Ordinary Lilli-pot Spaces: Rendezvous in Tokyo
    Essay by Zenovia Toloudi.
  15. In Suburbia
    Short essay by Tom Keeley.
  16. A First Look at China
    Text and photographs by Steven Montgomery.
  17. Design Inside Our Daily Lives
    Essay by Regina Pozo.
  18. Wrong Chairs
    Project by Norman Kelley (Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley).