11 / Speed
Fall 2011


The urban conditions around us are constantly changing. With a faster or slower SPEED, the built environment is transformed as it does the way we experience and engage with it. In this issue we will be looking at the pace in which physical and social changes happen and the consequences and opportunities available.

Contributors to this issue include Andrew Bush, Brendan Crain, Candy Chang, Michael Chrisman, Andrew Clark, André Corrêa, Design With Company, Ensamble Studio, José María Ezquiaga, Iker Gil, Juan Herreros, Stephen Killion, Camilla Nielsson, Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Troy Conrad Therrien and Josef Schulz who is our guest cover designer.

  1. Introduction
    FINDING YOUR SPEED. Issue introduction by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
  2. Notes From the Velodrome
    Essay By Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures at Harvard and Faculty at the GSD
  3. Mumbai Disconnected
    Iker Gil Interviews Camilla Nielsson, Co-Director With Frederik Jacobi of the Documentary Mumbai Disconnected
  4. More Than A Museum
    Research And Diagrams By Iker Gil
  5. Farmland World
    Project By Stewart Hicks And Allison Newmeyer From Design With Company With Katharine Bayer And Hugh Swiatek
  6. A Strategic Vision for the Center of Dense Cities: Madrid As a Case Study
    Essay by José María Ezquiaga and Juan Herreros, Architects and Directors of Proyecto Madrid Centro
  7. Talk to Your City
    Project by Candy Chang, Co-Founder of Civic Center, a Civic Design Studio in New Orleans
  8. 1000 Hour Exposures
    Andrew Clark Interviews Photographer Michael Chrisman
  9. The Truffle
    Project by Antón García-Abril, Principal of Ensamble Studio
  10. Race to Build
    Diagrams by Iker Gil and André Corrêa
  11. On the Quickening of History
    Essay by Brendan Crain, Founder of the Where Blog and Program Coordinator for the Institute for Urban Design
  12. Looking for a Theory of Real-Time Knowledge
    Essay by Troy Conrad Therrien, Founding Partner in the Creative Curatorial Agency Th-Ey, and Chief Architect, Cloud Communication at Columbia University’s GSAPP
  13. Speedway, Indiana
    Research and Diagrams by Stephen Killion
  14. Vector Portraits
    Photographs by Andrew Bush