3 / Work
Fall 2009

© Andreas E.G. Larsson

WORK is the third issue of MAS Context. This issue explores how WORK is changing the landscape of our environment and determining the decisions that are affecting our cities. WORK diagrams economy, analyzes workplaces, studies appropriation of public space, interviews entrepreneurs, and portraits isolation. Discuss, Enjoy, Share, Participate.

Contributions by Jacob Chartoff, Andrew Clark, Kathryn Clarke Albright, Iker Gil, Maria Moreno-Carranco, Liz Potokar, David Schalliol and Andreas E.G. Larsson who is also the cover designer.

  1. Work Review
    Designer Andrew Clark Visualizes the Complex System of Work
  2. Publics Works
    Architect Maria Moreno-Carranco Explores How Urban Spaces Have Been Renegotiated and Reframed in Mexico City
  3. Isolated Buildings
    Photographer and Sociologist David Schalliol Engages the Discourse About the Recession Through His Isolated Building Studies
  4. Wayfinding
    Dean Storm Documents His Summer Internship at Spirit of Space
  5. Layoff Moveon
    Iker Gil Interviews Jessica Lybeck, Owner of Till Creative and Co-Founder of the Online Network
  6. Mondragon
    Designer Jacob Chartoff Diagrams the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, Considered the Most Successful Example of Worker-Owned Enterprise in the World
  7. Workplace
    Designer Liz Potokar Gives Us an Overview of the Office Organizations and the Current Work Trends
  8. A City at Work
    Spirit of Space Films Chicago at Work
  9. Empty
    Photographer Andreas E.G. Larsson Documents Empty Working Spaces
  10. Farmer’s Work
    Architect Kathryn Clarke Albright Studies Farmers Markets and Reveals the Pleasures and Demands of the Farmer’s Work