18 / Improbable
Summer 2013

Unlikely futures envisioned in the past that never became a present. Improbable situations that, beating the odds, became the most tangible reality. Ambitious, grandiose and experimental, all these dreams and schemes radically challenged their present and envisioned a new future. They outlined principles for collective ambitions, defining new physical, political, economic and social organizations. Whether realized or not, these proposals hold valuable lessons for our present and future.

This issue explores the desires, ambitions and consequences of these unrealized futures, as well as the factors that drove the success or realization of unlikely proposals.

Contributions by Martin Abbott, Luís Santiago Baptista, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Ali Fard, Jordan Geiger, Chris Grimley, Evangelina Guerra Luján, Sparkle Hayter, Lisa Hirmer, Tom James, Elina Karanastasi, David Karle, Michael Kubo, Eva Papamargariti, Mark Pasnik, Mike Peart, Vassiliki Maria Plavou, Theo Simpson, Nikos Skoutelis, Alexander Trevi, and Stéphane Massa-Bidal, who is the guest cover designer.