28 / Hidden
Winter 15

Welcome to our Hidden issue. This issue explores the aspects of our built environment that are hidden, overlooked, not readily apparent, forgotten, and conceptually of physically removed from our sight, whether intentionally or not. Time for us to shine a light on all those things worth rediscovering or seeing for the first time.

Contributions by Emily Louise Allen, Chris Bennett, Roberto Boettger, Julio Brenes, Odile Compagnon, Carlos Copertone, Counterspace, Leandro Couto de Almeida, Patxi Eguiluz, Naomi Evans, Iker Gil, Luke Hegeman, Matthew Hoffman, Sam Holleran, Tom James, Rene Kersting, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Reinaldo Loureiro, Geoff Manaugh, Julie Michiels, Conor O’Shea, Jennifer Park, Shamik Ray, Charles Rice, Andrew Ruff, Dan Rybicky, David Schalliol, Theo Simpson, Smout Allen, John Stirratt, Luke Sturgeon, Jan Theun van Rees, Florence Twu, and Faiza Uppal.

Cover and graphic design by JNL Graphic Design.