29 / Bold
Spring 16

Welcome to our Bold issue. This issue features eighteen projects that explore new possibilities for the city of Chicago. Generated by both emerging and established Chicago-based architects and designers, these projects rethink the future of the city and, at the same time, explore the agency of the architect in shaping these scenarios. The projects, generated without a client, operate fully aware of the constraints and realities of Chicago with the intention to engage in fruitful conversations with public and private agencies to shape its future. Ultimately, while these projects focus on the city of Chicago, the ideas behind their architectural and urban strategies can open up new areas of exploration that can be extrapolated to diverse contexts. The projects featured in the issue were part of the exhibition BOLD: Alternative Scenarios for Chicago curated by Iker Gil and included in the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Contributions by 3D Design Studio, David Brown, CAMESgibson, Central Standard Office of Design, Design With Company, Iker Gil, Geoff Goldberg, Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape, JAHN, Ania Jaworska, JGMA, Krueck+Sexton Architects, Landon Bone Baker Architects, Margaret McCurry, Normal, Michael Pecirno, PORT Urbanism, David Schalliol, SOM, Stanley Tigerman, UrbanLab, and WEATHERS.

Cover and graphic design by Normal.