32 / Character


This issue is dedicated to the memory of architect, author, and educator
Stanley Tigerman (1930-2019)

Welcome to the Character issue. In this issue we explore the opportunities of conjuring fictional characters as a device to demonstrate how a building is experienced, what makes a building have or become a character, and why architects formulate their own persona as a quasi-fictional character. Join us as we consider architecture in literary terms in order to reimagine how buildings can communicate with audiences through form, expression, structure, type, decoration, experience, narrative, and metaphor.

Contributions by Ellie Abrons, Joseph Altshuler, Jon Astbury, Gem Barton, T.E. Cames, Jimmy Carter, Design With Company, elii, Grant Gibson, Iker Gil, Joanna Grant, Jason Griffiths, Brian Guido, Stewart Hicks, Andrew Holder, Sam Jacob, Julia Jamrozik, Max Jarosz, Ania Jaworska, María Jerez, Coryn Kempster, Jimenez Lai, Morris Lesser, Eu Jin Lim, John McMorrough, Julia McMorrough, Michael Meredith, Norell/Rodhe, Office of Political Innovation, Zack Ostrowski, Joanne Preston, Paul Redmond, Colin Rowe, Adrian Shaughnessy, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Joshua G. Stein, Stanley Tigerman, and Tania Tovar Torres.

Issue designed by Jimmy Luu.