MAS Context Fall Talks 2014
Bruce G. Moffat


Video shot by Ben Derico and Pat Elifritz. Edited by Ben Derico.


Lecture by Bruce G. Moffat as part of the MAS Context 2014 Fall Talks in Chicago. The lecture took place on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. The Fall Talks are hosted by the Society of Architectural Historians.


Bruce G. Moffat is a transportation enthusiast with many years of service at the Chicago Transit Authority. He is the author of several books about Chicago’s transportation, including Forty Feet Below: The Story of Chicago’s Freight Tunnels (Interurban Pr, 1982), The Chicago Tunnel Story: Exploring the Railroad “Forty Feet Below” (CERA B-135, 2002), and The “L”: The Development of Chicago’s Rapid Transit System, 1888-1932 (CERA B-131, 1995). He is co-author, with Michael Williams and Richard Cahan, of Chicago: City on the Move (Cityfiles Press, 2007).

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