MAS Context : Analog 2012
Marc Fischer


Video shot by Richard Harkin and edited by André Corrêa.


Marc Fischer presents at MAS CONTEXT : ANALOG 2012, an event organized by MAS Context on Saturday, October 13th 2012 in Chicago. The one-day event included presentations of emerging and established designers, a temporary bookstore by Temporary services and the exhibition Architectural Narratives featuring the work of Jimenez Lai and Klaus.


Marc Fischer along with Brett Bloom and Salem Collo-Julin form Temporary Services. Based in Chicago, Copenhagen, and Philadelphia they have existed, with several changes in membership and structure, since 1998. They produce exhibitions, events, projects, and publications. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to them. The best way of testing their ideas has been to do them without waiting for permission or invitation. They invent infrastructure or borrow it when necessary. They were not taught this in school. They try different approaches, inspired by others equally frustrated by the systems they inherited, who created their own methods for getting work into the public. | | @halfletter

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