MAS Context : Analog 2017
Stewart Hicks


Video shot and edited by Matthew Goetz of Lucid Creative Agency.


Architect Stewart Hicks presents at MAS CONTEXT : ANALOG 2017, an event organized by MAS Context on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at The Joinery in Chicago. The one-day event included presentations of emerging and established designers, a temporary bookstore, and the US premiere of the documentary Starship Chicago.


Stewart Hicks is currently living and working in Chicago, IL. He is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago and co-founder of Design With Company. He has a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University and was a principal and co-founder of Mitnick Roddier Hicks in Ann Arbor. With them, he received numerous national and international awards including the Architecture Record Design Vanguard Award and the Young Architect’s Forum Award. He has been published in MAS Context, Log journal, bracket Journal, Architectural Record, and Mark Magazine as well as books recognizing his design work. | @designwithco

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