MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Carlos Bedoya of PRODUCTORA


Video shot by Nathan Walker and edited by Emerald Pitts of Lucid Creative Agency.


Lecture by architect Carlos Bedoya, co-founder of Mexico City-based PRODUCTORA, as part of MAS Context’s 2018 Fall Talks series. The lecture took place on Thursday, November 8, at the Society of Architectural Historians.


Invisible Geometries


Carlos Bedoya presented a selection of PRODUCTORA’s projects and explained the strategies that shape them. By utilizing simple and specific ideas, and through the use of precise geometries, they aim at developing clearly legible projects with limited gestures. Their search for timeless buildings in their material and spatial resolutions has allowed them to solve the architectural tasks and, even more, to maximize the experience and relationship between architecture and its different components (user, program, urban context, economy, etc.). This lecture showed the rules their office has applied, the processes and procedures implemented, and the tools they have utilized to resolve a wide range of projects, from residential to public buildings.


Teotitlán del Valle Community Cultural Center, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2016 © LGM Studio. Fotografia de Arquitectura, Courtesy of PRODUCTORA


Thanks to the Society of Architectural Historians for hosting the event.


Carlos Bedoya is one of the four partners of PRODUCTORA, a Mexico City-based architecture studio founded in 2006, alongside Abel Perles, Victor Jaime, and Wonne Ickx. PRODUCTORA’s work is distinguished by an interest in precise geometries, the production of clearly legible projects with limited gestures, and the search for buildings that are timeless in their material and spatial resolutions. PRODUCTORA has been awarded by the Architectural League of New York with the Young Architects Forum (2007) and the Emerging Voices (2013). In 2016 they received the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize for emerging architects (MCHAP-emerge) for their “Pavilion on the Zocalo” at the IIT in Chicago. In 2011 PRODUCTORA founded, in partnership with curator and art critic Ruth Estévez, an exhibition platform for the promotion of young and emerging Latin-American architecture, called LIGA, Espacio para Arquitectura. | | @LIGADF

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