MAS Context Spring Talks 2014
John Szot


[Note By John Szot: I cited the movie playing in the Shibuya tower interior as directed by “Arakowa.” The director is actually Akira Kurosawa.]

Video shot by George Aye and edited by André Corrêa.


Lecture by award-winning architect John Szot, founder of John Szot Studio and Brooklyn Digital Foundry, as part of the MAS Context 2014 Spring Talks in Chicago. The lecture took place on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at The Logan Share.


John Szot is an award-winning architect, founder of John Szot Studio and Brooklyn Digital Foundry. John Szot Studio focuses on the relationship between technology and the locus of meaning in the built environment. The Brooklyn Digital Foundry was established in 1999 to serve the architectural community with digital communications support. Since then, the studio has grown to serve a global client base in various industries with visualization and marketing materials. | | @johnszot@brooklynfoundry

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