MAS Context Spring Talks 2012
Ownership | MAS Context + Studio Gang


Video and photographs documenting the event that MAS Context and Studio Gang Architects organized on Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 to celebrate the release of the OWNERSHIP issue of MAS Context, and Studio Gang’s “The Garden in the Machine” project, currently on display at The Museum of Modern Art’s Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream exhibition in New York.

Video and photographs by Tom Harris and Matt Messner.














Iker Gil is an architect, urban designer, and director of MAS Studio. In addition, he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture at UIC. He is the recipient of the 2010 Emerging Visions Award from the Chicago Architectural Club. | @MASContext

Jeanne Gang is an architect, and the founder and principal of Studio Gang Architects, a Chicago-based collective of architects, designers, and thinkers whose projects confront pressing contemporary issues. In 2011, Jeanne was named a MacArthur Fellow. | @studiogang

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4 Responses to “MAS Context Spring Talks 2012
Ownership | MAS Context + Studio Gang”

  1. Very cool website! I love the videos to keep up with what you are doing. I fell in love with the Aqua Tower as everyone who has seen it has!

    I would love to meet your team one day!If you ever have an Open House, please let me know.I am a Fine Art Consultant working with a large investment company in Chicago.

    Warm wishes,

    Teresa DeChant

  2. admin says:

    @teresa Thanks! Great to hear you enjoy the videos. We’ll add you to our event mailing list so you know about future events we organize.

  3. Lise says:


    I would love to get updates on future events you organize too! Thanks!

  4. admin says:

    @lise No problem, we’ll add you to our mailing list. For other people interested in being added to our mailing list, please send an email to subscription (at) mascontext (dot) com

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