MAS Context Spring Talks 2013
Suburbia Gone Wild
Martin Adolfsson + Natasha Egan + Larry Mayorga



Here are a few photographs from the event that MAS Context organized on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, to celebrate the release of the limited-edition book Suburbia Gone Wild.


During the event, Martin Adolfsson discussed his project Suburbia Gone Wild along with Natasha Egan, director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) at Columbia College, and graphic designer Larry Mayorga who designed the limited-edition book for the series.


About Suburbia Gone Wild

For the past six years Martin has been photographing model homes built for the newly minted upper middle class in emerging economies around the world. The model home works as a 1:1 scale “no assembly required” model for the potential home buyer that is fully decorated up to and including family photos of John Kerry. The work expands across every continent and includes the suburbs of Bangkok, Shanghai, Bangalore, Cairo, Moscow, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City. Suburbia Gone Wild was featured in the Ownership issue of MAS Context. You can check it here.

Thanks so much to Wallo Villacorta and the the crew at Public Works for hosting the event, and to the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation for supporting MAS Context.











Photos by Wallo Villacorta. Poster by Martin Adolfsson.


Martin Adolfsson is a Swedish photographer based in NYC since 2007. He shoots portraits, travel and architectural work for magazines and advertising agencies around the globe. His personal work focuses on social structures and behaviors.

Natasha Egan is the director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago where she has organized dozens of international and national exhibitions and has contributed essays to numerous publications and magazines. In addition, she has taught in the photography and humanities departments at Columbia College Chicago and juries national and international exhibitions.

Larry Mayorga is a graphic designer and artist born in Colombia based now in NYC working on a variety of media including communications, editorial design, music, product, branding, web and media art for a mix of cultural and commercial clients, and self-initiated projects.

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