In Context

In order to continue the discussion around the topics of MAS Context beyond the date of their publication, we have created the “In Context” section. This section features guest curators who browse the archives of MAS Context, uncovering new relationships between articles and establishing new topics such as “Emptiness,” “History,” “Social,” and “Location.” As Mimi Zeiger points out in her piece, “What’s made clear when we recontextualize the accumulated material of ten issues of MAS Context is not only the publication’s commitment to delving into topics of politics and place, but the ongoing need for discourse around contextual crises and their consequences.”

  1. In Context | Katya Tylevich
    Katya Tylevich is an arts, architecture and design journalist based in Los Angeles.
  2. In Context | Ross Wolfe
    Ross Wolfe is a writer, critic, and translator, whose work focuses on Russian and Soviet studies, history of Europe, philosophy, and Marxism.
  3. In Context | Chris Berthelsen
    Chris Berthelsen investigates use.
  4. In Context | Léopold Lambert
    Léopold Lambert is a French architect[e] whose work is based on a balancing act between writing/editing and designing.
  5. In Context | Suzanne Strum
    Suzanne Strum is an architect and Co-Director of the Metropolis Master in Architecture and Urban Culture (CCCB + UPF).
  6. In Context | Tomas Skovgaard
    Tomas Skovgaard is an architect and critic interested in cultural studies, inter-networked media and communications.
  7. In Context | Martine Syms
    Martine Syms is a conceptual entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California who grew up going to punk shows and watching lots of television.
  8. In Context | Diego Arraigada
    Diego Arraigada is an architect and professor at the Escuela de Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires.
  9. In Context | Michael Kubo
    Michael Kubo is a writer and editor currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture at MIT.
  10. In Context | Brendan Crain
    Brendan Crain is a writer and urbanist, founder of the Where blog and the Communications Manager at Project for Public Spaces.
  11. In Context | Javier Arbona
    Javier Arbona is a PhD candidate in geography at UC Berkeley with a background in architecture and urbanism.
  12. In Context | Mason White
    Mason White is Director of the Master of Architecture Program, University of Toronto. He is a Partner in Lateral Office, and a Director of InfraNet Lab.
  13. In Context | dpr-barcelona
    dpr-barcelona is an innovative publishing company based in Barcelona, specialized in high quality architecture and design books
  14. In Context | Mimi Zeiger
    Mimi Zeiger is a Los Angeles-based freelancer, writing on architecture, art, and design. She is the founder of the architecture zine and blog loud paper.