Obsessive Consumption

© Kate Bingaman Burt


Text and illustrations by Kate Bingaman Burt


Kate Bingaman Burt has been drawing everything she has purchased since February 2006. The first three years were compiled into the book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010). Six years into the project, we look back to the origins, featuring what was purchased in that February of 2006.


$25.00 worth of gas. I paid at the pump and bought a coke. Purchased at the Conoco on Hwy 12 in Starkville, MS. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Chick-filet that I guilted one of my students into leaving class and picking up for me. Diet Coke. Gross chicken sandwich and waffle fries. I need to stop. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I haven’t eaten pudding in years. I had forgotten the joy of a bowl of banana pudding neatly surrounded by vanilla wafers. I rediscovered that tonight. Excellent. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I bought six clipboards at the campus bookmart today. They were $1.39 each. I hung them behind my desk in my office. I might spray paint them. I am not sure yet. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Starkville, Mississippi finally has Brokeback Mountain in the local theater…for a while it was only playing in cities hours away from us. Six word review: good, sad, beautiful, cry, like, baby. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


We ordered a large cheese pizza tonight and watched a Netflix. I ate half. He ate half. Ugh. I feel way too full. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I used to love these in elementary school. I was thinking about this pen the other day and today I saw one and got it. I used it while I was paying bills today. Red = paid. Green = due date. I haven’t thought of uses for the black or blue ink yet. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Black sketchbook purchases at the Chalet art supply store in Starkville. I need some place to keep these daily drawings. $10.00. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Orange Powerade bought at the BP in Starkville for $1.50. I know I should just drink water, but I succumb to the orangy sweet goodness fairly often. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Part of a three pack. I prefer these to the sticks. And I don’t think the whitening promise really works. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Well, it was between drawing gummi worms or a flash drive and I felt like I have been drawing too many food items and technology won out over sugary candy that I really didn’t enjoy that much anyway. This is actually going to be used by cliff. It was $50.00. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


$25 ticket for the Addy’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama tonight. That included two drinks! We want two drinks! (ala pavement two states…sorry, I do that whenever I hear two ANYTHING). Patrick and I won a silver for the school website and Jamie and I won best of show in the print category for our mobilivre promotions. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I have been all about the 1893 World’s Fair lately. This documentary was good! A couple of the live action shots were cheesy (bad belly dancers and repeated jolly men drinking beer), but the narration (Gene Wilder) and the photographs were great! © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Again making the resolution to NEVER EVER eat fried foods EVER again. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Tupelo Mississippi in effect! I went to TJ Maxx and bought some tights and these Franco Sarto gold shoes for $11.00. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Yeah, this stuff is gross, but it freaking works. Picked a four pack at the BP so now I am rocking the red bull, STILL organizing images for my lecture in Boston and, um, listening to America’s Next Top Model…I think it is cycle 1. Oh, and the bull cost $6.99 for four. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


One of my favorite girly indulgences. My brows had to be properly groomed before I stepped in front of an audience at the conference. I KNEW they would all be there to look at my brows and NOT to hear the panel that I was on. DUH. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I forgot my GREAT headphones at home. These really really sucked. I bought them at one of the airport newsstands in Atlanta for $7.99. Really, really flimsy and BAD sound quality. Gross. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


My official BADGE! My ticket into panels & the book fair. The conference was great, but it might as well have been held in Starkville, because I didn’t get to see any of Boston. I didn’t leave the hotel complex for two days…just conference activities straight through. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


I have had this on my Amazon wish list for quite sometime. I stopped by the great book fair at the conference and grabbed it from the DAP booth for 50% off. If I didn’t have to obey the 50lb per bag weight limit at the airport, I would have bought a lot more books. The last day most of the booths were selling display copies for half off. Woo-hoo! © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Bought this in the Boston Airport (I also bought a Jane, but drawing this seems to make me seem a bit more intelligent). The article on the creator of the Flash Mob is excellent. Deb had a copy of this in the hotel room and was raving about the article. I had to buy it and find out for myself. She was right. It is gooood. © Kate Bingaman Burt.

Yay! Vitamin Water! It is more expensive than my orange Powerade (and not very accessible around Starkville, Mississippi) but I would drink this any day. The design and clever copy do it for me. $2.25. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Fuji = the best. We bought three at Kroger and I ate one for lunch today. © Kate Bingaman Burt.


Kate Bingaman Burt is an illustrator and educator who has been making work about consumption since 2002, teaching since 2004 and drawing until her hand cramps since 2006. She is the author of the Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? (PAP, 2010).
www.katebingamanburt.com | @katebingburt

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