Revealing the Secrets Behind the Designs

New Museum,New York City, 2007 by SANAA. © Salottobuono.


Diagrams by Salottobuono


In September of 2007, the Italian studio Salottobuono started editing the “Instructions and Manuals” section of the renowned architecture and design magazine Abitare. The series of diagrams they create not only describe the buildings and objects featured on the magazine but, more importantly, they reveal the secrets behind them. The strategic break down of the projects into their basic elements allows us to visualize and understand the key relationships present between their form, function and context.


Casa Museo Barragán, Mexico City, 1948
Luis Barragán
Published on Abitare 492



Mountain Dwellings, Copenhagen, 2008
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in collaboration with JDS
Published on Abitare 485



New Museum,New York City, 2007
Published on Abitare 480



CaixaForum Madrid, Madrid, 2008
Herzog & de Meuron
Published on Abitare 481



John Lewis Department Store, Leicester, 2008
Foreign Office Architects (FOA)
Published on Abitare 492



Nestlé Chocolate Museum, Mexico City, 2007
Rojkind Arquitectos
Published on Abitare 477



New Orquideorama for Medellin´s Botanical Garden, Medellin, 2006
plan:b arquitectos + jprcr arquitectos
Published on Abitare 482



360°Office Chair, Magis, 2009
Konstantin Grcic
Published on Abitare 493



Salottobuono was born in 2005 as a collector of research experiences and design production. It investigates the urban space, codifying cognitive devices and triggering transformation strategies. Topics, challenges, and programs are occasions for diagrammatic analyses and elaboration of paradoxical visions.

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