Assembly Required

© Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark introduces the packages, pieces and steps behind the styled and priced dioramas by Ikea


Ikea is easy. Since hitting the American landscape, the affordable, flat-packed, requires assembly, modern living destination has enticed a road tripping, “Uhauling” population to their product and their lifestyle. The anticipated annual catalogue is perhaps the easiest way to get to Ikea. Shipped to you, the 350+ page, wall to wall product, room after room catalogue is the latest product offering and price points for the world of Ikea. These diagrams by Andrew Clark introduce the packages, pieces and steps behind the styled and priced dioramas—they are the assembly catalogue to the catalogue.



Andrew Clark is a designer at MINIMAL and a collaborator in MAS Studio. He has designed solutions for communications, brand, vision, experience and visualization projects. His work is featured in “Shanghai Transforming” (Actar, 2008), “Building Globalization” (UChicago Press, 2011), and “Work Review” (GOOD Transparency). | @andrewclarkmnml

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