Point Clouds

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Graphic novel by architect Jimenez Lai


Architect Jimenez Lai explores realities in architecture and urbanism through his graphic novels that often become physical realities. In this case, the initial graphic story becomes an installation in Chicago, a system with a set of standard modules and simple geometric rules linked a with a series of connection points. When force is applied to one rotary joint, the entire structure responds with further geometrical transformations. As in the graphic novel, dimensions has various meanings in the many ways our bodies may instinctively inform actions such as lean, sit, grab, skip or pull.



Jimenez Lai is the leader of BUREAU SPECTACULAR and a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. He graduated with a Master of Architecture from University of Toronto. Previously, Lai has lived and worked in a desert shelter at Taliesin, AZ, and resided in a shipping container at Atelier Van Lieshout on the piers of Rotterdam. Professionally, Lai has worked for Michael Meredith, RE X, OMA /Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam and New York. Currently Lai is busy working on a comic book.

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