Case Study #4 | Powerplant


Powerplant. © realities:united.


A project by realities:united


ARCHITECT: realities:united

LOCATION: Pasadena, California

YEAR: 2005

STATUS: On hold

CLIENT: City of Pasadena


Superimposing the remains of the old industries with a new, light and intelligent structure which bridges the gap between industry, nature and information technology, a new breed of Powerplants is spreading around the Glenarm Innovation Corridor in Pasadena, California.

Started in 2005 and currently on hold, this project includes slender stalks that reach about 55 ft into the sky, the same height as the famed palm trees of Southern California. Topped by a cylindrical light tube, the Powerplants sway gently in the air, emitting soft light signals powered by solar energy, stored during daytime. A multipart 2 phase stacked tube structure allows movements powered just by a light breeze and yet is strong enough to withstand storm and earth quakes.

Connected to each other via a wireless information grid, the Powerplants are programmed to exchange light impulses, create abstract light configurations or glow in unison. All Powerplants are physically independent from each other and electrically self-sustainable, without the need for wiring or other peripheral infrastructure. They can be ‘planted’ and ‘replanted’ in any given sequence and arrangement.



Powerplant. © realities:united.



Powerplant. © realities:united.



Powerplant. © realities:united.



Powerplant. © realities:united.



Powerplant. © realities:united.



Powerplant. © realities:united.


realities:united (realU)is a studio for art, architecture and technology founded by the brothers Tim Edler and Jan Edler in 2000. realities:united develops and supports architectural solutions, usually incorporating new media and information technologies. The office provides consulting, planning, and research, also undertaking projects for clients such as museums, businesses, and other architectural firms.

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