Collective Nesting: Urban Housing Prototype


Project by Julia Sedlock

Designed for a generic site in Chicago, this project proposes a new form of collective urban habitation. A system of nests and perches offers retreat into isolation and inner-life on one hand; exposure and social-life on the other. Nests are warm, cozy, private, small, and static. Perches are open, airy, light, social and flexible, and exist along a gradient of sharing and accessibility, depending on individual, family, and community needs.





LEVEL 3: Private Nest
Individual ownership; quiet, intimate, and introspective.



LEVEL 2: Territorial Cluster
Kitchen and terrace; private entry, visual connection to immediate neighbors, views of terrace and city; compact and efficient.



LEVEL 1: Collective Perch
Open, flexible, differentiated activity areas, “flex space,” visual and acoustic connections.



Sectional Perspective.







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