Office Space Zürich See


Project by Margarita Klee Barillas


In today’s post-industrial world, the typical workplace is an office building—a mix of the desire to represent functional logic and profitability, production and social exchange. Contemporary work spaces bring together the desire to build an image with the need for comfort and environmental quality. What interests us is: one, the project in relation to its spatial content; two, definition of a place, not just an icon—work on the physical and compositional conditions of the form; three, the context is central rather than peripheral as it lies on the borderline between land and water; and four, attention to possible design repercussions with respect to energy and sustainability. This issue was elaborated within an integrated design in collaboration with the Chair of Prof. Carmeliet.


Ground Floor.




Third, Second, and First Floors.


Section A-A.


Section B-B.




In order to make the building energy efficient, the volume is involved with a double shift facade. This allows a flexible ventilation of the interior, as well as a sun protection layer in the south and view protection in the north.

The installations are mostly concentrated between both sides of the volume, allowing artificial night ventilation to the corridors and offices.

These measures sink the heating energy during the winter and allow constant natural ventilation during summer.

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