Chatter: Architecture Talks Back exhibition
at the Art Institute of Chicago


Chatter: Architecture Talks Back, 2015. © Iker Gil.


Editor in chief Iker Gil was invited by Karen Kice, Neville Bryan Assistant Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago Department of Architecture and Design, to curate and design an installation in gallery 283 as part of the exhibition “Chatter: Architecture Talks Back.”

Devised to explore the productive ways in which architecture can be communicated, this space presents work that sparks conversations about the field of architecture, our cities, and their citizens. Through photographs, posters, handbills, diagrams, maps, videos, and interviews, the projects featured here demonstrate tools to empower citizens to shape their public spaces; challenge our understanding of remarkable and underappreciated periods in architecture; discuss the potential of collective criticism; use satire to push the boundaries of criticism of the field of architecture; provide a diagnosis of the contemporary architecture; visualize human behaviors of our cities; offer personal narratives using the built environment; and produce physical manifestations of the constant stream of information being created online. In addition to these works, a series of essays and interviews located on the central table build on the potential of communication in architecture.

The projects presented in this space were produced by a range of practitioners worldwide: Ecosistema Urbano; over,under and pinkcomma; Mimi Zeiger and Neil Donnelly with the School of Visual Arts Summer Design Writing and Research Intensive; Klaus; Project_ with Sarah Hirschman; 300.000km/s with Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona; Luis Urculo; and Christopher Baker.

The rest of the exhibition, curated by Karen Kice, looks at the diverse contemporary methods and approaches wielded by five emerging architects: Bureau Spectacular, Erin Besler, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Formlessfinder, and John Szot Studio.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, July 12, 2015.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the official website

We want to extend our thanks to Karen Kice for the invitation to be part of the exhibition and all the participating studios and artists.

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