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MAS Context, along with JNL Graphic Design and Corkins Lodge, are organizing an event in New Mexico to facilitate intellectual exchange between emerging and established practitioners in order to explore and reflect on like-minded concerns.

Participants to this event are people whose professional activity center around issues of creativity, design, entrepreneurship, innovation, art and philosophy.

The event takes place at Corkins Lodge, New Mexico, between October 20 and October 26, 2012. Corkins Lodge is located at the base of the Brazos Cliffs (2 hours north of Santa Fe), and it includes 1,600 acres of Alpine forest and 2.5 miles of the Brazos River.

By removing each of the participants from their daily grind, the event provides a perfect setting to reflect on their professional practice, and the time to elucidate the issues that drive them, confine them, cajole them, and otherwise motivate them.



Jeremiah Chiu
Graphic designer at Plural

Andrew Clark
Designer at MINIMAL and contributor editor at MAS Context

Jim Cohen
Brand experience and business advisor at Spark

Iker Gil
Architect at MAS Studio and editor in chief of MAS Context

Renata Graw
Graphic designer at Plural

Christopher Lawton
Architect at Lawton + Stanley Architects

Tom Melk
Real estate entrepreneur

Julie Michiels
Architect at Perkins + Will and contributor editor at MAS Context

Jason Pickleman
Graphic designer at JNL Graphic Design

Andreas E.G. Larsson

Craig Sampson
Technologist, human-centered designer and strategic business professional at TBD Innovation

Peg Sampson

David Schalliol
Sociologist and photographer

Nora Semel
Communications Project Manager at University of Chicago

Henry Shukman
Writer, poet and Zen teacher

Micah Stanley
Architect at Lawton + Stanley Architects


For more information about Corkins Lodge, please visit their official website.

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