Surveillance by Designers


© Mike McQuade.


We asked a few great Chicago designers to give us their view of surveillance. Here is what they came up with.


Mike McQuade


Surveillance has threatened any shred of privacy we as Americans once had. When we think of wallpaper, we think of warmth, safety and home, so weaving surveillance cameras into traditional wallpaper shows how inescapable the realities of surveillance have become.


Alex Fuller


Sneaky creepy behind a book.


Sneaky creepy takes a look.


Sneaky creepy stares at night.


Kyle Fletcher


Surveillance mandalas influenced by the tension between violence and (super)vision.


Jason Pickleman


Identities’ theft
left the bride stripped bare,

but that’s OK,cause J CREW is having a
Holiday Sale and everythingis 30% off!


Rick Valicenti with Baozhen Li / Thirst


Big Brother 1984 comes face to face with the Tank Man 1989 within a ring of the US Presidential stars. According to Wikipedia, the Tank Man, is the nickname of an anonymous man who stood in front of a column of tanks the morning after the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests on June 5, 1989 by force.


Rick Valicenti


Introducing the updated, more authentic and easily accessible, identity for the National Security Agency.


Big brands by day, intimate art galleries by night. Kyle Fletcher, is a weathered optimist who knows how to put his midwestern nose to the conceptual grindstone. Excels in environments that are eager to explore the unknown. | @kyleluvsew

Alex Fuller is one of seven partners in the artist collaborative called The Post Family, founder of 5×7 publishing, and a Design Director at the Leo Burnett Dept. of Design. Alex has worked with many blue chip clients including UPS, Sprint and Allstate as well as independent innovators including Unison, Sonnenzimmer and You Are Beautiful. Alex maintains a very active role in the art and design communities in Chicago whether it’s leading lectures and workshops with The Post Family or critiquing student work through the AIGA. |

Baozhen Li is an industrial designer and 3D animator practicing at Thirst. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As an artist, she works in diverse mediums from painting to metal-working to digital media. Her work is on display throughout the city of Chicago and may currently be seen at the Illini Union of UIUC and in the atrium of Ogilvie Transportation Center.

Mike McQuade has over nine years of experiences as a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. He believes that hard work, persistence, and a strong focus on craft leads to better work for his clients and other self-initiated projects. Mike describes his style as raw and always transforming. Mike is currently working as an art director, designer, and illustrator for both large and small brands, various ad agencies, editorial publications, design firms, start-ups, and his own self-initiated projects and artwork.

Jason Pickleman, Dan Marsden, and Leslie Bodenstein run the JNL graphic design in Chicago. Since 1992 the studio has produced design that looks like art, and art that looks like design. Boundaries don’t interest them. Ambiguity does. Appropriateness, however, never hurts.

Rick Valicenti is the founder and design director of Thirst/3st, a communication design practice providing design and immersive environments for high-profile clients in the architectural, performing arts, and education communities. His work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), resides in the permanent collections of both the Yale and Columbia University libraries, Denver Art Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been published in The New York Times. | @3stDesign

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