MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Ecosistema Urbano


Architect Belinda Tato, cofounder of Ecosistema Urbano, lectured on Tuesday, April 12, as part of MAS Context’s Spring Talks 2022 series. The lecture took place online.


Designing Atmospheres for Social Interaction

Through strategies of very low or zero energy consumption, Ecosistema Urbano conceive solutions for open spaces that adapt to the climate, using available natural and cultural resources. They aim to create public spaces that can be climatically comfortable, enabling social interaction and public life all year round, which is, especially in extreme climates, an important factor in improving the quality of urban life. Their projects develop in parallel a technical design process and a social or participative one with activities of listening, communicating, learning, innovating, and transforming action. They apply this toolkit both when planning on a territorial scale as to the scale of public space. Participation is a way to enable the creation of more democratic, inclusive, and open-ended environments.


Ecosistema Urbano’s work has been included in previous publications and initiatives by MAS Context.

Their Ecoboulevard in Vallecas was included in our Energy issue, published in 2010

Their Dreamhamar project was included in the gallery curated by Iker Gil as part of the 2015 exhibition Chatter: Architecture Talks Back at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Ecosistema Urbano was founded in 2000 in Madrid by architects Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, and specializes in architecture, public space design, urban consultancy, and urban transformation processes. Their work has developed around the design of public space focusing on the improvement of bioclimatic conditions in contexts and climates as diverse as Norway, Florida or Bahrain. In parallel, Ecosistema Urbano has been developing participatory tools and techniques to involve citizens in the creative and transforming processes of urban environments. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums and covered by press around the world, garnering numerous awards. The founding partners have led workshops, lectured, and taught at the most prestigious institutions worldwide, including working as professors at the Harvard Graduate School of Design since 2010. | @ecosistema


Cloudroom, Columbus, Indiana. Photograph by Hadley Fruits, courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano.


Malaga Campus, Malaga, Spain. © Ecosistema Urbano.


Ecoboulevard, Madrid. Photograph by Emilio P. Doiztua, courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano.


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