Network Traces

© Marc Goodwin and Cecilia Galera.


Photographs by Cecilia Galera and Marc Goodman


Transportation networks have a constant presence in the city. They overlap, connect, divide, evolve and become obsolete. Some cities have more comprehensive systems than others, but in all cases their networks define their landscape. Photographers Marc Goodwin and Cecilia Galera document the everyday traces left by the cars, streetcars, pedestrians, skiers and boats in the city of Helsinki, Finland.









Cecilia Galera is currently involved in her third year of photographic studies in Barcelona and has published in the Wall Street Journal and Timeout.

Mark Goodwin is an architectural photographer and doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Helsinki, where he is researching the relationship between photographic representation and architectural design. He is a recipient of 2011 Finnish Cultural Foundation and CIMO Grants.

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