Jorge Oteiza Museum 2009


Project by Masaaki Matsuoka


This site chosen for the museum is extremely important due its location in the industrial area and adjacent harbor. The museum connects a gap through scale, structure, and detail. Water, light, iron, concrete, and work are mutually related elements that change little by little as visitors inhabit the museum. The iron surrounding the site creates a gravitation and visibility for the visitors.


The drawing shows the existent building’s large areas and depicts the scale of the site. However, walking the site gives one more information than the map can provide.


Factories surroundings this museum force the people and activity inside and it is very rare to see that activity or its influence exhibited to outside.


But in this museum the people move inside and outside continually and this action creates more aspects to the surface of museum. This surface and the environment are in constant relation.







Floor Plan.


The Rhythm of Scale, of Light, and Height.


Detail Section.



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