Bowled Over



A poem by Jason Pickleman


Bowled Over

The gradation of the sky
from blue to gray
is in severe contrast
with time’s mark’ed divisions—

those illusive spaces

between seconds

that masquerade

as Pause—

As if time
could be rent
neutered in neutral,
with progress

paused     and     begun,

paused     and     begun.

Imagine the earth
turning in kind,

lurching     and     halting,

lurching     and     halting.

We’d be thrown to our knees,

repeatedly, like bowling pins,

and re-set,

only to be stricken down again,
and maybe spared.


Jason Pickleman is a graphic designer and partner at JNL Graphic Design based in Chicago. His clients include the Steppenwolf Theatre, Hyde Park Art Center, The Renaissance Society, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago Transit Authority, and Avec restaurant.

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