33 / Vigilantism




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Run: Limited edition of 250 copies
Cover: Cougar Digital 100# uncoated cover with gloss spot coating
Body: Cougar Digital 80# uncoated text
Pages: 310 pages
Size: 9 inches x 6 inches
ISSN: 2332-5046


Guest editors: Germane Barnes and Shawhin Roudbari
Design: Bobby Joe Smith III


Contributions: Emanuel Admassu, Laida Aguirre, Joseph Altshuler, Atelier Mey, Germane Barnes, Ashley Bigham, Jennifer Bonner, Galo Canizares, Sean Canty, Sekou Cooke, Krystina François, Jia Yi Gu, A.L. Hu, Demar Matthews, Katherine McKittrick, Zack Morrison, Jennifer Newsom, Cyrus Peñarroyo, Gary Riichirō Fox, Shawhin Roudbari, Andrew Santa Lucia, and Chat Travieso.












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