Starchitecture Redux


“Hope” poster (Detail). © Klaus.


Cartoons by Klaus



On Starchitecture, April 2009. © Klaus.



Rapid Eye Movement, May 2009. © Klaus.



Koolhaas Receives Golden Lion Award, July 2010. © Klaus.



More Starchitecture (Blog entry: “Tell me more!” – Article for Conditions magazine “#10: Gossip”), August 2012. © Klaus.



On Starchitecture one More Time (Blog entry: “But today we collect Gags—Short text for The Importance of the Way Stories are Being Told”), September 2012. © Klaus.



…Meanwhile at the Biennale (Habemus Papam), March 2013. © Klaus.


Klaus is a frustrated cartoonist who lives in an old castle in Europe, intermittently uploading his cartoons in Klaustoon’s Blog since 2009. Much to his surprise, his work is often published in architectural publications, such as The New City Reader, Aequus, eVolo, (In)forma, Clog, (Dis)Courses, Harvard Design Magazine, The Harvard Satyrical Press, MAS Context, Conditions, Studio, Project International, or Volume. Also, it has been exhibited in places such as Barcelona, Cambridge, Chicago, London, Naples, New York, Portimao, or, most importantly, OMA’s canteen. Currently, he publishes a monthly cartoon in the “Klaus’s Cube” section of uncube magazine and still owes Sanford Kwinter a cartoon. He is not Rem Koolhaas. | @klaustoon

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