MAS Context Spring Talks 2020
Future Firm

Hyde Park Boutique, 2019. © Future Firm


This event has been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and related restrictions on travel. We will try to reschedule this event this fall.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Event starts at 6 pm. Talk starts at 6:15 pm.
$10 suggested donation at the door. Includes wine.


Architects Ann Lui and Craig Reschke, founders of Future Firm, will lecture on Tuesday, April 14, as part of MAS Context’s 2020 Spring Talks series. The lecture will take place at the Society of Architectural Historians (1365 N Astor St, Chicago, IL 60610).


Future as Practice: Spaces of Collectivity

In political theorist Hannah Arendt’s description of the “public sphere,” she cites the relational qualities of a dining table. The dining table both brings us together and also negotiates that togetherness through architectural properties: standardized dimensions, divergent forms, and specific materiality. Subsequently, similar sites of collectivity—from the table to the city—become useful for both understanding conditions of the status quo and presenting opportunities for intervention. In this lecture, Future Firm will discuss recent explorations of spaces of collectivity in exhibitions, buildings, and speculative urban proposals. Through these works, Future Firm will present an approach to professional architectural practice informed by thinking about the future of relationality: bringing together the design of buildings with the design of different discursive collaborations and encounters.


Suggested readings:

Future Firm, “Rebel Garages,” MAS Context

Future Firm, “MAS Context Analog 2016,” MAS Context

Katharine Keane, “NEXT PROGRESSIVES: Future Firm,” Architect


Study for Wicker Park Theater, 2020. © Future Firm


Still from Storm-Speed City, Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Architecture & Urbanism, 2019. © Future Firm


Thanks to the Society of Architectural Historians for hosting the event.


Future Firm designs spaces, big and small, for people to come together in new ways. Founded by Ann Lui and Craig Reschke in 2015, the Chicago-based architecture practice spans diverse scales: from pop-up exhibition spaces, to residential and commercial buildings, to urban and territorial speculations. Future Firm’s work has been exhibited at Storefront for Art & Architecture, New Museum’s Ideas City, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation and published in The Architect’s Newspaper, Chicago Architect, MAS Context, and Newcity. Future Firm also currently operates The Night Gallery, a nocturnal exhibition space on Chicago’s south side, which features video and film works by artists and architects from sunset to sunrise. | | @craigreschke

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