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Designer Andrew Clark visualizes the SUPERFUND program


We should all be NIABYs when it comes to the uncontrolled disposal of hazardous waste. In 1980, SUPERFUND was signed into existence as the federal government’s piggy bank and program to identify, remove and remediate contaminated sites across the nation. 30 years later, Superirresponsible examines our response and responsibility of the seeping industrial/ manufacturing/ technological past and present—in everyone’s backyard for generations to come. Visualization by Andrew Clark of a research by him & Matthew Hoffman.








Andrew Clark is a designer at MINIMAL and a collaborator in MAS Studio. He has designed solutions for communications, brand, vision, experience and visualization projects. His work is featured in “Shanghai Transforming” (Actar, 2008), “Building Globalization” (UChicago Press, 2011), and “Work Review” (GOOD Transparency). | @andrewclarkmnml

Matthew Hoffman is an architectural “coordinologist” at HollwichKushner (HWKN). Recipient of numerous awards for his architectural design and research, his work addresses architecture in the greater context of media & (pop) cultural theory, with an emphasis on non-traditional interactivity in the name of architectural activism.

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