MAS Context : Analog 2017
Molly Meyer


Video shot and edited by Matthew Goetz of Lucid Creative Agency.


Molly Meyer presents at MAS CONTEXT : ANALOG 2017, an event organized by MAS Context on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at The Joinery in Chicago. The one-day event included presentations of emerging and established designers, a temporary bookstore, and the US premiere of the documentary Starship Chicago.


Molly Meyer is the CEO & Founder of Omni Ecosystems™ and the Co-Founder & Co-Manager of The Roof Crop, LLC. Molly leads Omni’s strategy and business development and oversees Omni’s product innovation and field operations. She founded Omni with the mission to democratize access to natural spaces, and to create an organization that continuously engages in bold endeavors that elevate the triple bottom line: ecological, financial, and social. Molly’s background couples her academic training at Stanford University in systems problem-solving and biogeochemical research with field experience in construction means and methods, gained working as a carpenter and green roofs installer as a Robert Bosch Fellow in Germany. | | @OmniEcosystems | @theroofcrop

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