Chicago Boogie-Woogie


Chicago Boogie-Woogie. © David Schalliol.


Building upon the urban exploration of vacancy proposed in The Available City project by David Brown, nine Chicago-based teams present their own responses to the issue at stake. Employing drawings and models, each project investigates the architectural possibilities of vacancy, with a specific focus on the role of collective spaces and the relationships they can foster. Diverse in their location, scale, program, and aesthetic sensibility, these projects ultimately demonstrate that we can leverage vacancy to generate new architectural scenarios that have the potential to address current social and economic issues.


Project by Krueck + Sexton Architects


When you own a unit here, you own

       a bed
       a living room
       a dining room
       a kitchen
       a cafe
       a restaurant
       a florist
       a barbershop
       a workshop
       a library.

You own everything.
Even an orchard.



Axonometric. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Axonometric (Detail). © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Plan. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Plan (Detail). © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Sections. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Sections (Detail). © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Rendering. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Rendering. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Rendering. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Model. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Model. © Krueck + Sexton Architects.



Model and boards. © David Schalliol.


Krueck + Sexton Architects
Tom Jacobs, Mircea Eni, Sean Myung, Shin Kim, Elias Logan, Don Semple, and Lindsey Telford.


Krueck and Sexton Architects is passionately dedicated to realizing architecture that embraces creativity and innovation. They achieve this through listening, collaboration, and by challenging assumptions. They believe in the power of imagination, the delights of discovery, and the ability of architecture to inspire and improve life. They work in close collaboration with industry-leading engineers and consultants, reinforcing an interdisciplinary and research-based studio culture. They have achieved a consistent design portfolio of the highest quality for over thirty years. The studio is conceived as an open source of creativity and ideas, and is led by principals Ron Krueck, Mark Sexton, and Tom Jacobs, with the vision that architecture is an evolutionary discipline of the arts. | @KrueckandSexton

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