University Works

UNIVERSITY WORKS is approached both as a project in method, how to collect, curate, and understand a pixelated view of architectural work, and a project in broadcast, how to instigate discussion and draw new connections between students, schools of architecture, and universities. We strive for multiple means of representation and readings: an objectified print publication, a circulating, document at the student-affordable price of free, and a location on the world wide web (where else). It is a collection totaling 50 student projects, selected by 10 curators, instructing in 10 schools of architecture at 10 universities. It is a book raising the visibility of the students’ promising design work through distinguished curators’ selections from the schools of architecture.

Schools featured in the book include:
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Escuela de Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos
Virginia Tech, School of Architecture + Design
Parsons, The New School of Design, School of Constructed Environments
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture
University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona
ETH Zürich, Faculty of Architecture
Waseda University, Department of Architecture
University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Built Environment

  1. Spanning Lines of Longitude and Latitude
    Essay by Iker Gil and Andrew Clark, editors of MAS Context University Works
  2. Discussing University Works
    Panel Discussion by Andrew Clark, Judith De Jong, Alexander Eisenschimdt, Iker Gil, Jimenez Lai, Paul Preissner, Juan Manuel Rois, Karla Sierralta
  3. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Escuela de Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos
    Essay by Diego Arraigada
  4. Triangulation/Ribs
    Project by Edita Aurelia Alvarado & María Honoria Perearnau
  5. Small / Large Inflatables
    Project by Lucrecia Bakir, Ana Luz Dardik, Chiara Gibertoni, Inés Lobos, Andrea Real & Florencia Romaniello
  6. Computer Models II
    Project by María Luz Crescini & Guido Gastaldi
  7. The Room
    Project by Carla Laguzzi, Armando Agustín Negri, Josefina de Paul, María Luz Rodríguez, Ignacio Mussi Tiscornia, Carolina Wundes
  8. A Lot with Little
    Project by María Magnasco
  9. Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design
    Essay by Kathryn Clarke Albright
  10. Four Black Boxes and a Beacon: a Theater for Roanoke, Virginia
    Project by Meredith Barker
  11. Olympic Village 2016+
    Project by Rachel Islin, Katie Jones & Iris Lui
  12. Immanence
    Project by Jeremy Keagy
  13. Sculptural object: A House
    Project by Andrew Montgomery
  14. A House for a Farmer and His Dog Plus Requisite Outbuildings
    Project by Matthew Sander
  15. Parsons, the New School of Design School of Constructed Environments
    Essay by Brian McGrath
  16. Bangkok Market: An Architecture of 3 Ecologies
    Project by Regina Galvanduque Flores
  17. Bangkok Piers
    Project by Ross Guntert
  18. Pratunam Pier
    Project by Kwangjin Lee
  19. Bangkok: The Three Ecologies
    Project by Alexandra Milo & Claudia Garay
  20. Bridging Ban Krua
    Project by Edward Yim
  21. University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture
    Essay by Douglas Garofalo
  22. New York is Not a Place
    Project by Laetitia Croize-Pourcelet & Sheri Zon
  23. Family
    Project by Dana Elkhoury & Katlyn Reichelt
  24. Off-Grid Scenarios: Solutions for the Endless City
    Project by Ryan Johnson & Darya Minosyants
  25. RUBIXtube
    Project by Matt van der Ploeg
  26. Collective Nesting: Urban Housing Prototype
    Project by Julia Sedlock
  27. University of Toronto John h. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
    Essay by An Te Liu
  28. Montreal: Port/City
    Project by Tomek Bartczak
  29. Automatic Revisited: Fabricating Sustainable Concrete Elements
    Project by Jesse Colin Jackson & Luke Stern
  30. Difference and Innovation in New Housing Typology
    Project by Lingchen Liu & Chenglong Wang
  31. Edison Redux
    Project by Anne Miller
  32. Hotel Affect-ed
    Project by Sando Billey Thordarson
  33. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
    Essay by Dr. Juan Carlos Sancho
  34. A Viewpoint: A Continuous Circuit
    Project by Laura Cano Benito
  35. Tourist Topography in Paraty, Brazil
    Project by Victoria Cobeño Serrano
  36. Revitalization of the South-West of Merida, Yucatán: “Chain-Value” Buildings
    Project bySilvia Echeverría Echeverría
  37. Musical Acoustics Research & Coordination Institute (M.A.R.C.I.)
    Project by Bárbara García Sos
  38. Flamenco Diffusion Center
    Project by Ana Martínez Carreño
  39. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona
    Essay by Dr. Eduard Bru
  40. Recirculation in Terramar
    Project by Josep Esteve Doladé
  41. University and Student Housing in the Center of Amsterdam
    Project by Alejandro Konrad Stöhr
  42. Erik Gunnar Asplund’s Stockholm Public Library Expansion
    Project by Ana Quintana Zazurca
  43. “Conservatori del Liceu” Building in el Raval Neighborhood
    Project by Cecilia Rodríguez Vielba
  44. New Topography for “Autòdrom St. Pere de Ribes”
    Project by Roger Trias Carol
  45. ETH Zürich Faculty of Architecture
    Essay by Chair Prof. Dr. Josep Lluís Mateo
  46. Office Space Zürich See
    Project by Margarita Klee Barillas
  47. Hochhaus in Zürich Leutschenbach
    Project by Davide Blasi
  48. Concert Hall in Dubrovnik
    Project by Benjamin Engelhardt & Götz Lachenmann
  49. Museum Würth
    Project by Ioannis Piertzovanis
  50. Museum Würth
    Project by Ren Tian
  51. Waseda University Department of Architecture
    Essay by Dr. Masayuki Irie
  52. The Memorial of Jorge Oteiza Standing on the Kawasaki Harbor
    Project by Chiaki Ishii
  53. Jorge Oteiza Museum 2009
    Project by Masaaki Matsuoka
  54. Modern Times
    Project by Munetaka Onodera
  55. Museum of Sculptor Jorge Oteiza in Golf
    Project by Makoto Sakui
  56. Thinly Town: Reversible Landscape of the Underpopulated Village
    Project by Asahi Shinoda
  57. University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Design, Architecture and Built Environment
    Essay by David Burns
  58. The Ruins of Modernism
    Project by Robert Beson
  59. Beirut City
    Project by Erik Escalante & Alina McConnochie
  60. Sydney Concert Hall
    Project by Josh Harrex
  61. The Gap
    Project by Samaneh Moafi
  62. Vehicles of Memory
    Project by Nora Niasari